Aberdeen Exclusive Offer – HALF PRICE Rasul Heat Detox Package for Two

Aberdeen Spa Exclusive – Save 51% on our Rasul Spa Package!

We all love to save on pampering. This month we have created a fantastic value offer exclusively for Aberdeen! Save 50% on this Moroccan style spa package that will make you feel like you’ve been abroad and pampered within an inch of your life. The package includes:

Infra Red Sauna Detox for Two People

The modern way to Detox. Operating at 42 deg C the infra red rays penetrate the lower levels of the skin to rid the body of toxins. Expect to burn up to 800 calories per single session!

Rasul Mud Treatment for Two People

A traditional heat detox and skin smoothing treatment sourced from Morocco and performed in our exclusive Rasul steam mud chamber. Muds are applied all over the body before entering the steam chamber, where the fragrant steam to absorbs toxins from the skin. A gentle rain shower then falls to cleanse the skin and remove the muds, leaving you feel smooth, soft and radiant.

You will be provided with robe and slippers to use whilst in the spa, and will receive refreshments and use of the spa relaxation area after your package to chill out and feel the full relaxing effects of your therapies.

This package is designed to detox your body and is ideal at this time of year during the later summer months. You will have to hurry though as this deal finishes next week! Buy now at PURE Spa Shop and your gift voucher will be valid for 3 months.

Rasul package is £49 for 2 people (saving almost 50%) – valid everyday except Saturday

There are only 100 vouchers for this deal so you will have to hurry. Shop the deal on PURE Shop NOW to get it before it’s gone!

Have you tried the Rasul at Union Square before? Let us know what you think about the treatment! We would love to know your thoughts!

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