Elemis SkinLab Visits PURE Spa & Beauty

This October during our Good Skincare Campaign we invited Elemis to visit our spas to give clients the chance to have the Elemis SkinLab treatment. The SkinLab gives you an amazing insight into your skin and what lies beneath which means that you can find out if the products you are using are really helping your skin! The SkinLab is absolutely fascinating, I will share with you my results and top skincare tips from Jennifer, Scotland’s Elemis Specialist.

This is the skinlab…not scary is it? And for such a small camera it can tell you so much information! The Reveal camera takes a image of the right hand side of your face while your chin rests on the plinth. Did you know that the right side of your face is more effected by the environment? This means that an image of the right hand side of your face gives a more accurate reading of your true skincare condition.

While the images are generating you complete a short lifestyle questionnaire. Smoking, exercise, diet and caffeine (which I am very guilty of!) can all affect your skin and Jen needed to know a bit more about my lifestyle in order to give me a true picture of what products and routine I should be following.

The pictures are generated…here I am with my images…it is very unusual to see under your skin but sooooo interesting!

There are 6 categories that your image is analysed under:

Spots – these indicate surface markings, not just spots!

Wrinkles – this reading does not only highlight prominent wrinkles but also fine lines and areas of dehydration

Texture – an instant analysis of what skin type you are…I thought I was combination and I was…GOLD STAR!

Pores – this shows pores that are blocked, open and areas of dehydration. This is my area of main concern

Brown Spots – a fascinating reading! This tells you your skins UV damage. Luckily I have very little sun damage to my skin but I have made SPF is my new best friend!

Red Areas – areas of sensitivity on the skin, these are usually around the check and nose area and are often prone to flushing

After looking at my ‘Facial Assessment Report’ Jen then printed my product recommendations, the very technical machine generated a personal list of products that I should be using based on my results! Its quite convenient that half of the products that Jen recommended I already use and the rest are in the new Elemis Royal Christmas Kits!

One great tip jen gave me…”if you have a skincare concern you should get a facial every 21 days as skin cells renew every 28 days. The facial on day 21 will make sure you skin is well treated for renewal”.

If you ever get the chance to have the Elemis SkinLab treatment, do it! The results are really interesting and its a great way to educate yourself on your skincare habits and whether they are really working. I am completely confident with my skincare routine now and will continue to help spread the word of the PURE Good Skincare Campaign…

Have you had the Elemis SkinLab before? Whats your best skincare tip? Tell us now on facebook and enter our competition to win a Revive Face & Body Spa Package worth £110!

Elemis Products are available at all of our PURE Spa & Beauty locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Elemis is also used in this months HALF PRICE Revive Face & Body Spa Package for £55. Buy your gift voucher for this offer in salon or online now.


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