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leighton denny blog bannerThis week, the PURE blog has an extra special treat for all you nail-centric beauty buffs out there— some expert tips courtesy of the expert himself, Leighton Denny. With a multi-award winning range of nail and tanning products (Sunbelievable, available at PURE), Leighton is a leading figure in the beauty world… and he’s written a guest blog especially for us.

Winter Nail Care by Leighton Denny

“As temperatures drop, it’s vital that hands and nails receive the same thought and adjustments that you’d make to your skincare and wardrobe. Cold weather and harsh external elements can result in hands becoming dry, cracked and sore — whilst nails can become brittle,  fragile, split and peel.

Here are a few simple steps to fit around your daily routine. These will help restore moisture and lustre, so hands and nails feel good throughout the winter months!

Never file nails when wet. This is when they are most vulnerable to ldbothdamage, as the water works to separate the layers of the nail bed, causing peeling. Instead, always file nails from the outer edge to the centre. Consider using my CRYSTAL NAIL FILE (£15.50)  that turns the nails into dust. With 25 years guarantee, this nail file will keep your nails in shape for a long time!

Throughout winter, using a daily hand cream is as vital as a pair of gloves. It provides continual protection from the cold. By massaging a quality cream into the nails, hands and cuticles will help all over maintenance, and prevent cuticles becoming irritated. Try: BEST DEFENCE (£9.00). The non-sticky, non-greasy, rich formulation makes Best Defence the perfect all-day hand cream to keep hands soft and protected.

If your nails are in need of a makeover, spoil your hands and nails with an intense overnight treatment. Apply RENOVATE nail repair lotion (£13.25), rubbing it into nails, around cuticles and down the sides of the nail. For best results, lavishly pair it with the aforementioned BEST DEFENCE Hand Cream lavishly. Whilst you sleep, keep it all in place and avoid mess with manicure gloves. You’ll wake up to intensely re-moisturised nails that are ready for some colour again!

The core Leighton Denny Expert Nail range is available from www.purespauk.com/spashop

slicketcFor a quick-fix to dry nails and cuticles is my SLICK TIPS Touch & Go Cuticle Oil (£11.00). Packed with essential oils and vitamin A & E, your nails will feel at their best when applied only three times a week. It is non-sticky, handbag friendly and easy-to-use and will ensure cuticles are gently dissolved, as well as hydrating and sealing the nail. Your cuticles will be left beautifully shaped and in great condition.

And finally, don’t forget the best way to remove polish! When removing nail polish, it is important to use an acetone free remover and one that leaves a conditioning residue on the nail like my ESSENTIAL REMOVER (£5.50) featuring five Essential Oils to prevent dehydration.”

If you’d like to meet Leighton himself, there are places still available for his super-exclusive masterclasses on the 5th December at PURE Spa Silverburn. Book now to avoid disappointment. Call 0141 881 7770 or get your ticket on Itison.


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