Bringing gorgeous to Glasgow: Adele McMillan

With the opening of our new Glasgow location on West Nile Street well and truly on the horizon, we felt it was time for you to meet Adele McMillan, our Glasgow Spa Manager.

The definition of ‘more than just a pretty face’, Adele is currently the mastermind behind our location at the popular Silverburn Shopping Centre. After wowing everyone with her passion and commitment and recently getting PURE Silverburn shortlisted for Beauty Salon of the Year at the Professional Beauty Awards… there’s really no one better to lead both of our Glasgow locations!

Aiming to create truly memorable experiences for every spa and beauty lover, Adele knows the industry (and Glasgow) inside and out. So, what makes this glam Glaswegian tick?

 1. What gives Glasgow its spark?

I think Glasgow, for me has always been one of the most exciting cities in the UK. It’s a very creative city when it comes to arts, music and very fashion forward. Glasgow is always alive day or night with an amazing mix of people. The people of Glasgow don’t hold back, we love to eat, drink, shop and live life to the max!

I think you feel this as soon as you step into the city. I’ve always been very proud of the city and how vibrant it is.

2. What are you looking forward to most about being located in the City Centre?

I think being in heart of Glasgow will let so many more people have the PURE experience and put PURE firmly on the map in the city. I know Glasgow so well and I know the people will love what we have to offer.

screen-shot-2014-06-12-at-22-28-563. The beauty product I won’t be without is…

Oh, it would definitely be Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil. I have dry skin and I am obsessed with gorgeous scents. This is my body moisturiser and my perfume!

It feels amazing when I put it on and I always get comments on how lovely it smells. It also reminds me of our gorgeous smelling spas.

4. When it comes to looking and feeling good I think it’s important to…

Be a little bit selfish and make time for you each day whether it’s reading a book, taking a bath or having your spray tan done. If you are feeling good about yourself you will make everyone around you feel good too. I really enjoy getting ready for work each morning and carrying out my beauty regime. It makes me feel confident which makes others have confidence in me.

5. What does your typical day involve?

There is no typical day that’s what makes my job fun and interesting. I’m an early riser and enjoy being first to the salon to look at it with fresh eyes each day and create a ‘to do’ list for myself.

Following this I clean my office (tidy work space/tidy mind) and I always take part in our daily team brief. It’s the perfect time to have a general catch up and it motivates me talking to my fabulous team each day. I really enjoy spending time on the floor with the girls, it gives me a huge sense of pride to see them all in action and how happy our clients are.

The rest of my days are spent on analysing figures, sales strategies and planning our next few days, weeks, months and year. Visual merchandising, maintenance, retail strategies and dealing with all our suppliers, recruitment, training and rotas, administration, dealing with staff and client requests, the list goes on… It’s a diverse and exciting role, that’s why I love it !


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