LONGELITY review — #YearofPURE (pt I)

It’s hard not to be jealous of someone that won an entire year worth of treatments and luxury retail at PURE West Nile Street — even we’re jealous, and we ran the competition!

Meet Louise, the winner of our #YearofPURE competition and monthly reviewer for the next year. She went to our new Glasgow city spa to try out our new Leighton Denny LONGELITY manicure. Check out what she said…

written by Louise:

As the lucky winner of the  ‘Year of PURE’ competition, I had my first visit to the new West Nile Street spa this week. Hidden away in the city centre, it’s amazing how much is on offer. From the outside, you’d never tell that an entire spa is inside!

My therapist, Ainsley, was warm and professional, not to mention really good at her job! I get gel manicures fairly regularly, mainly Shellac, so I was keen to try an alternative product and I am delighted with the results so far. Firstly the selection of colours is great with a lot of nice tones you don’t get with other brands.

10896962_1050651531619050_1054862880832114695_nLONGELITY’s finish is much shinier and my nails feel stronger with no chips almost one week in. The treatment can last 2-3 weeks but I was pleased to see that Leighton Denny offer regular polish in the same colour as their gel polish, so you can top up any chips or scratches yourself between manicures — something you can’t do with Shellac. The formula is much gentler on nails and less buffing/prep is needed so I can only assume it is less damaging to your own nail.

I had been wearing a lot of dark nail colours over Christmas so was pleased I chose ‘Supermodel’ by Leighton Denny, which is a really nice, mauve/nude tone. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the long-lasting effects of gel polish but are looking for something more gentle with a good range of colours that are a little more on trend!


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