A piece of Morocco in Aberdeen!

Indulge in a Moroccan experience at PURE Spa Union Square.

The spa has the unique rasul heat therapy, which uses a fragrant mist to cleanse and absorb toxins from your skin.

Rasul at PURE Spa Union SquarePURE Spa has two unique treatments that include the rasul; Moroccan Rasul Therapy and Moroccan Rasul Massage.

Moroccan Rasul Therapy

PURE Spa Moroccan rasul therapy

This 70 minute treatment includes an exfoliation ritual that cleanses the skin and polishes to reveal a new you. Afterwards, apply muds all over your body and sit in the rasul chamber where the steam will wisp around you and draw the impurities nestled into your skin. A light rain shower will fall, rinsing the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple.

The Moroccan Rasul Therapy is an ideal treatment to aid mild skin concerns rheumatic problems.

Relax, revitalise and re-energise for only £70.

Moroccan Rasul Massage

A 100 minute all over Moroccan treat. Cleanse with a Moroccan exfoliation treatment, followed by a nourishing rasul therapy. Finally have a luxurious argan oil massage, favoured by beauty experts, to revitalise body and mind.

The Moroccan Rasul Massage is the ideal way to awaken your senses and feel calm and centred again. Only £100.

Click here to book your Moroccan treatment at PURE Spa Union Square.

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