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Is there a person in your life that deserves to be well and truly pampered? Perhaps they work for hours on end or spend most of their time looking after others? If you think your loved one could do with a little more ‘me time,’ make it happen by treating them to spa gift vouchers!

Below we have shared some of the different treatments they can spend their Glasgow spa vouchers on…

spa massage in glasgow

There’s nothing quite like a massage for relaxation

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Spa treatments in Glasgow

Massages are great for those who are on their feet all day, as well as those who have to sit hunched over a computer in the office – basically they are great for everyone, which is why they are so popular! The types of massages you can have will vary from spa to spa, however at the Pure Spa in Glasgow some of our most popular massage treatments include the deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and Indian head massage.

Facials are another popular type of treatment that you or your loved one can spend their Glasgow spa vouchers on. We offer all sorts of different facials, some of which are designed to target signs of ageing and skin concerns and others that are simply designed to revitalise the skin!

Over the last few years, body therapies have become very popular, so this may be something that your friend or family member wants to spend their spa vouchers on. Some of the most well known body therapy treatments including Moroccan mud wraps, body wraps and cellulite and colon therapy. We also offer a number of heat therapies at our spa in Glasgow.

Having your nails varnished is another treat available

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If you are worried that your loved one may not be into spa treatments, there’s no need to panic! Most Glasgow spas will offer a range of beauty treatments that they will be able to spend their spa vouchers on instead. Here at Pure Spa we offer a range of beauty treatments including manicures, pedicures, waxing, tanning and male grooming.

What makes Glasgow spa vouchers a great gift?

Glasgow spa vouchers make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers and all other occasions and they are sure to please the recipient – after all who’s really going to turn down the chance to be pampered?

Whilst you can buy spa bath sets and massage kits to use at home, there’s nothing quite like the experience of going to a spa and having your treatments carried out by professionals. Whereas in the home you are likely to get distracted by the kids, work or whatever else is going on, when you go to a spa you can completely relax and enjoy yourself in a peaceful environment.

Glasgow spa vouchers will make a great gift as you are essentially giving someone the gift of relaxation and ‘me time.’ The recipient of the Glasgow spa vouchers is also likely to be excited that they will get to choose their own treatments and customise their spa day. Giving them spa gift vouchers for their birthday, Christmas or even at their baby shower will give them something to look forward to after their special day has passed.

Something for everyone

Another reason why Glasgow spa vouchers make an excellent gift is because they offer something for everyone. Whether the recipient has never set foot in a spa before or goes all the time, they are sure to have a wonderful time spending their vouchers on treatments. With so many different spa and beauty treatments available, there’s guaranteed to be something that they will enjoy.

If you are looking for an extra special gift for a lovely lady in your life, Glasgow spa vouchers are a gift she’ll love. Giving her the chance to get a massage, have a facial and treat herself to a mani/pedi will definitely put you in her good books!

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Spa vouchers are a great gift for men too!

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Although most people tend to think as spa vouchers being for women, they actually make a great gift for men too. In fact some Glasgow spas (including Pure Spa) actually have a range of spa and beauty treatments just for men!

Ideal Christmas gift

Christmas shopping can be a lot of fun but we all have those people in our lives that we really struggle to buy for. Usually it’s because they are the man or woman who already seems to own everything! If this is the case for you this Christmas, why not treat them to gift vouchers for a spa in Glasgow? Even if they already have some vouchers for the same spa, they’ll be able to put them together and get even more luxury treatments!

Glasgow spa gift vouchers also make the ideal Christmas gift for a work Secret Santa. If you don’t know the person you have picked out very well and are unsure what they like, buying them spa vouchers is a safe option (not to mention a wonderful gift!)

If you also find that you have missed someone out and forgotten to buy him or her a Christmas gift, you can always buy spa vouchers last minute! Simply pop into your local spa in Glasgow and pick some up.

Just relax and enjoy your spa experience!

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Where to buy Glasgow spa vouchers

Are you wondering where you can buy Glasgow spa vouchers? Well you have two options! You can either buy them in person from your local spa or you can visit the spa’s website and purchase them on there. If you are purchasing them online, you may find that they are sent as e-vouchers (via email) so that’s something to keep in mind.

Pure Spa Glasgow gift vouchers

If you are looking to purchase gift vouchers for your loved ones from our spa in Glasgow, you will be pleased to hear that we have a variety of different ones available. Our classic spa vouchers come in denominations of £25, £50 and £100 but we also do a bespoke gift voucher that you can load with as much or as little as you like!

This year we have also introduced our Pure Happiness vouchers. This includes a Party Prepare voucher and a Party Recovery voucher. Recipients of the Party Prepare voucher can choose to have a Shellac Polish, Deluxe Pedicure or Hi Brow followed by a Deluxe Manicure, Spray Tan or Let’s Go Lashes treatment. Whereas the Party Prepare voucher is all about beauty treatments that will get you ready for a Christmas night out, the Party Recovery package is all about helping you to relax and recover afterwards. This package includes an infrared sauna detox, signature foot ritual, relaxing back massage, deep-cleansing facial and foot nourishing treatment.

Spa in Edinburgh

As well as having two spas in Glasgow located on West Nile Street and above the Silverburn Shopping Centre, we also have two spas in Edinburgh. Our very first salon is located at the heart of Edinburgh City Centre near Princes Street and our second Edinburgh spa is located in the Ocean Terminal Shopping centre, around 2.5 miles from the city centre.

If you live closer to Edinburgh or are planning a city break, you can purchase Edinburgh spa vouchers online from our website.

Contact us

If you have a query about our spa vouchers or would like more information about the treatments we offer at our spa in Glasgow, feel free to contact the Pure team on 0843 507 1888.