Not Just a Treat: The Proven Benefits of Massage

Hot Stone Massage- Just one of our many massage options at PURE.A massage may be seen as a relaxing treat, an opportunity to escape from life’s daily stresses. While this is of course a great effect of massage, there are also an array of substantial health benefits that are present long after you’ve peeled yourself away from the relaxation of the massage table. If we get a little bit geeky we can find a whole bundle of medical research promoting the medical advantages of massage…

Here are just a few of those findings…

An NHS supported study found that back massage had a long term impact in reducing lower back pain.

The same study indicated that regular massage promoted regular sleep patterns.

A separate study compared the effects of massage on lower back pain to other popular therapies such as relaxation therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture and found that in all cases, massage offered the most prominent short and long term improvements.

The same study also found that effects of massage in patients with chronic low-back pain lasted at least one year after the end of the treatment.

A study into chronic back pain found that suffering participants who received a series of either relaxation massage or structural massage were better able to work and be active for up to a year than those getting their usual medical care, which included painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants or physical therapy.

So there we have it, there are considerable benefits to regular massage on top of the great treat of pampering yourself and escaping from your busy day.

Swedish Massage: Just one of PURE's massage therapies.

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