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Fashion Fridays: Holiday Bikinis

1. River Island 2. Tesco 3. Topshop 4. Tesco 5. Tesco

We’ve already got your holiday beauty essentials sorted with our Holiday Pick & Mix offer but there’s still the dreaded bikini shopping left to do! We all love holidays and yet sometimes it seems we hate the yearly bikini shop just as much. There are so many styles, shapes, prints, colours and more to choose from that sometimes you barely give a thought to what will actually look suit your body shape. Here are a few hints and tips from us at PURE to help you even further on your way to looking and feeling fantastic this holiday!

1. Perhaps not for the faint hearted, this cut away one piece is perfect if your lucky enough to have a defined waist, offering a little bit of covering if you’re slightly stomach concious. Plus with the fringe detail, the eye will naturally be drawn up and away from legs so perfect if that’s your problem area.

2. This ‘magic’ one piece from Tesco not only has built support to smooth lumps and bumps, it also has wrap details which flatter the stomach and hips which may typically be areas some of us need a bit of help with!

3. This is perfect for more ‘boyish’ figures, adding the illusion of curves in all the right places!

4. The perfect solution if you don’t want to show your stomach, this two piece has a flattering neck line and brief style shorts that will hit the leg at the most flattering point to make the most of any curves!

5. Mixing and matching tops and bottoms can be a great tip for curvier and flat chested figures. Wearing a plain colour of bottoms with a printed top naturally draws the eye up, removing the attention away from hips and thighs as well as accentuating smaller chests.

Will you be using any of these tips? Or do you avoid bikini shopping at all costs?

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