Stress Awareness Month: Top Therapist Tips for Stress

As you know this month we are campaigning for stress awareness. There are many ways you can help beat stress in your life. We will be sharing top tips with you from lots of different industries. Today, our highly trained therapists at PURE give you tips to help your wellbeing…

  • Take Time Out

“The key thing to de-stress is to take yourself away from the stressful element, ensure you are taking time out for yourself and doing what you enjoy. Going to the cinema/watching the world go by from a coffee shop/going out with friends/getting lost in a good book”

  • Plan ahead

“Making plans so you have something to look forward too can be the easiest way to not let day to day stresses overcome you. Having your regular beauty/spa treatment booked in advance means that you know there is time out for yourself on the horizon (this could be anything from an eyebrow wax to a spa massage treatment – everyone finds different things relaxing)”

  • Have a weekly pamper night

“Making time for yourself and taking care of yourself (there is only one of you) is a great tip to rid stress. Have a pampering night once a week using your favourite products. My favourite product for relaxing is anything from the elemis exotic range mostly the frangipani body wash – leaves the skin super soft just after a shower with no need for body lotion)”

  • Take a bath

“After a warm bath with some Elemis Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir, Apply Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil over skin like you would apply a body moisturiser and prepare to be totally chilled… The oil contains Rosewood which is one of the most amazing smelling aromatherapy oils used and it’s a fantastic skin conditioner. It also contains Marjoram and Lavender which work in harmony to warm the body, calm your senses and prepare you for an amazing nights sleep”

  • Work on your breathing

“We all find it hard to find time for ourselves in a busy working week, we sometimes struggle to switch off and relax at the end of a hard day at work. But did you know that by finding just 5 minutes for you to take time to yourself can really make all the difference? One of the best ways to relax is to tell your body to do so… Find somewhere that you like to take sometime out for yourself. (I often try this technique if I am struggling to sleep and it really does help) For you to really feel the benefit of this you need to lie down so on the sofa, or in bed or the bath are usually good places to start. Get comfortable, have peaceful and quiet surroundings, and lie down in a position that feels comfortable for you. Close your eyes and really focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Nice and slowly, you want to repeat this 3 times when carrying the exercise out. On your last breath out you need tell your body to relax. If you have done this properly you will feel your body sink down into the sofa/bed/bath and your last breath out will be much deeper than the previous two… Its a technique used in some of our treatments, almost like we are giving the client permission to relax – great if someone is nervous or anxious”

  • Try a facial

“A treatment that is often overlooked when it comes to wanting total relaxation is a facial. Often our clients will opt for a massage to help relax and de-stress but with a facial you are lying still for the entire time without someone interrupting your state of relaxation to ask you to turn over to continue the treatment. Not only will you come out of your treatment with a new glowing complexion but in all of our Elemis facials you will have been treated to a blissful face, neck, shoulder, scalp massage and hand & arm massage the ultimate areas to concentrate on if you require some relaxation and tension release”

These tips were provided by Lyn, the manager at Lothian Road and Maggie our Group Senior Therapist.

Do you agree with our What are you top tips for stress?


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