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Stress Awareness Month: Top Client Tips for Stress

Last week we launched a Twitter competition to win an Elemis quiet mind de-stress kit worth £51!

You shared some great tips to help stress. Walking and pamper nights (of course including a bath!) were the most popular but did your tip make our shortlist?

1. “reduce caffeine intake to ease stress..caffeine increases stress hormones therefore making us more stressed!”

2. “don’t look to the future and don’t travel into the past! Live in the moment!”

3. “be creative! Write, cook, draw, knit, be crafty…creativity is the perfect outlet for stress:)”

4. “Share your troubles with a friend – a problem shared is a problem halved!”

5. “I escape out to the countryside. Away from noise, people,cars. It’s so peaceful & the air feels more fresh”

6.  “Try and take an hour a few times a week for some special me time, to pamper yourself, or take a walk, read a book!”

7.  “know your limitations and don’t take on too much”

8. “Lay down close your eyes and do some deep breathing and clear your mind”

9. “A pamper evening does wonders for stress – scented bath, face mask, pedicure, manicure etc – works for me!”

10. “I’m loving the @purespa #stressawareness tips. Have felt so stressed out this week and all I want now is a long soak in the bath & a book!”

Congratulations to Sarah McMillan who won our competition with the best stress tip as voted for by the PURE team:

“best tip is humour! stick your favourite comedy on & laugh away! simple but effective :)”

Here’s what Sarah had to say about winning our competition: “I received my items today! Thank you so much! Absolutely amazing products! So calm & soothing, works an absolutely treat! Thank you x”

How ever you control your stress its all about ‘me time’ and we completely agree here are PURE. Planning a few hours a week of dedicated ‘me time’ a week can help clear your head and re-adjust your thinking. It will give you time to really think about what stresses you are facing and how you can deal with them. Whether its a pamper night, a long walk, a night of live comedy or a good catch up with friends, find out what makes you de-stress.

So grab your bubble bath or walking boots and get rid of stress this September. Remember it can be tackled!

Do you have anymore stress tips you would like to share with us?

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