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January Detox: PURE’s Guide to Detoxing

It’s a common theme in January, everyone trying to detox to get rid of the horrible post Christmas feelings. So this month we have asked PURE Fans, PURE Staff and friends of PURE to share their top detoxing tips, because we all know we need a little encouragement and advice to achieve our goals. Here is PURE’s Guide to New Year Detoxing…

PURE Staff

Louise from PURE Head Office says: ‘Avoid alcohol! We all know that alcohol has lots of calories but you need to consider how much the late night pizza after a night out with friends will really help your detox!’

Nadine from PURE Lothian Road says: ‘Try and avoid the snacking! I know it’s easier said than done but all the girls at Lothian Road are encouraging each other to eat healthy which really helps when you have support from your friends’

Lisa from PURE Union Square says: ‘The sauna is a favourite at PURE Spa Aberdeen. You can burn up to 800 calories in one session and your skin is soft and supple after. It’s my top detox tip without having to spend hours at the gym’

Marie Claire from PURE Ocean Terminal says: ‘I always set myself goals at the start of the year. It helps keep me focused. Whether they are personal or work related it definitely helps me detox my mind!’

PURE Friends

Nadia from Leighton Denny says: ‘Your nails need time for some detoxing too. Leighton suggests using a 14 day regime using RENOVATE and the DUPLEX BUFFER in the Leighton Denny Totally Groomed Set. Put a small dab of renovate cream on your nails and rub until it is full absorbed. Then buff with the side 2 of the buffer. Do this everyday for 2 weeks and your nails will be strong and healthy and will help polish to last longer!’

Jennifer from Elemis says: ‘January is the perfect time to get your skincare in order. Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise? These are the top 3 tips to get skin your crave. Try the Half Price Elemis Cleanser/Toner Duo sets out this January to begin your ultimate personal skincare range’

Adele from REN says: ‘Use REN’s Award Winning range of body scrubs, like Moroccan Rose Body Polish, to detox your skin. Removing the dead layer of skin from your body is the first step to the perfect detox!’


Here are some of the top detox tips that were shared on our twitter page during Jan:

@purespa cranking up the green tea intake, vitamins (!), lots of water, less alcohol & weekly detoxifying face masks #competition #detoxjan

@purespa meal planning – a great way to stick to healthy eating, if you don’t buy it you can’t eat it – put fruit instead of choc on ur list

@purespa Support your detox by: having a good night’s sleep, treat yourself to a massage and brush dry skin before showering #competition

The best way to detox is to incorporate lots of different healthy activities with a bit of pampering. This way you will feel less regimented and more likely to keep up your detox further into the year. Focus on healthy eating, exercise and the odd spa/beauty treatment to lift your spirits and make you feel ready to tackle the new year ahead!

Don’t forget you can still buy our great value Detox Packages until 31st January 2013. Choose from Top to Toe Spa Detox Package from £55 or the Beauty Detox Package also from £55. Packages are available to buy as a gift voucher valid for 3 months from PURE Shop.

Whats your top way to detox? Let us know!

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