5 Quick Tips to Manage Work Stress

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Stress in the workplace stress is normal. At times, you will feel stretched thinner than your patience at that latest issue – simultaneously pushed and pulled from one thing to another. Yes, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity, but it can also affect your physical and emotional well-being. Fabulous, right?

But here’s the thing: whilst you can’t control everything in your work environment, you can control yourself. You can tame those stress demons without any major changes. Your body is your temple, so the say, so start worshipping yourself whenever you can.

To help you, we’ve compiled 5 quick tips to manage work stress. Yes, there may be some shameless plugging of our treatments, but the rest are all on you…

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#1 Become Your Own Therapist

You don’t need to sit on a couch and gush about your past to bring about some mental change. Acknowledging the negative forces around you (or inside you) is one of your most valuable tools in the workplace. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the complaints of others or look at your work flaws under a magnifying glass. You have to ask yourself: Are these stresses really your ‘personal’ problem? Remember: perfection is often a deception.

#2 Take Regular Breaks

No matter what your deadline is, you must always  make time to refresh your mind and body. Stepping back helps two things: your productivity and emotional attachment. Without stepping back from your duties, it’s easy to get sucked into them too much. Schedule daily breaks and plan around them, making sure to eat and drink healthily. Well, some chocolate wouldn’t harm you. Maybe you should go get some right now. I’ll go on a break too.

#3 Carpe Diem, Baby

Seize every moment of every day. If you have an hour lunch break, then spend it how you want. Read a book in the park, grab a bite to eat with a workmate or indulge yourself. At PURE, we offer appointments that can easily slot into your daily routine. At weekends, see who you love and do what you love doing. Love, love, love. Life is too short to waste.

#4 Organise That Mess

Whilst everyone has their own methods of organising their duties and files, keeping them in a mess can slow you down and have a knock-on effect. Throw away the clutter; just knowing where everything is reduces stress. Concentrate on your prioties and tick them off (it can be almost therapeutic, honest). Manage your time and you can manage your stress.

#5 Speak to HR

Your Human Resources department isn’t all about hirings and firings. In fact, they can help you with some surprising things. Talk to your HR representatives about the problems in your workplace. They can act as liaison to the powers that be, improve your workspace – or even get a few plants around the office to help you breathe. Better yet, inquire about incentive schemes.

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