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PURE: A Christmas Story

PURE Spa Christmas


Words by Becky Woodhouse
(PURE Founder and Managing Director)

Christmas is always a time for reflection, for giving thanks, and for taking a pause after the mad rush of the year.  I have always loved Christmas, and even now, although we seem to be planning for the next Christmas almost before the last one finishes, I just love this time of year, the festive cheer and happiness that the Christmas holidays bring.

This is PURE’s 11th Christmas and as always some things never change and some things never stay the same! Our first Christmas at PURE was our most important, because without it we would not have survived that first year.  All those lovely people who came in to PURE Lothian Road and bought gift vouchers gave us our starting client-base for the following year… and a chance of survival and, ultimately, success!

I will always be thankful and I think (and hope) that we bring joy and happiness to our clients by still being here!

Another Christmas that really sticks in my memory is in 2007, when we opened PURE Spa in Silverburn, Glasgow.  The spa was originally due to open at the start of December 2007, as it was really important to open before Christmas. We needed to sell gift vouchers and build our client base for the following year.

i will always be thankful

However, we were beset by problem after problem! Part way during the shop fit, we discovered that we needed specialist glass for the nail bar window… that was only made in Sweden and had a 13 week shipment time! We had to ‘construct’ a make-shift reception desk in front of the spa for the first few weeks of December, and eventually opened on December 17th after a monumental effort by the whole team (and a lot of late nights!).

And then, who can forget the awful winter of 2010? We had such horrendous snowy weather that I couldn’t leave my house for almost a month!  That was our first Christmas at Union Square in Aberdeen and we thought it would be a disaster.  But, people managed to battle through the snow. Luckily they could buy online (which many people did). We also managed to stay open in every location, throughout the whole blustery time, which is testament to our wonderful teams and the lengths they will go to in order to deliver a great service.

Now we fast forward to 2013, and it certainly seems much more cheery and optimistic this year than it did last year! Last year we sold nearly £1000 of product and vouchers on Christmas Day itself, so we are seeing if this year will be the same, and wondering who is still doing their shopping on Christmas day!  All those lucky people who receive an iPad for their Christmas no doubt!

some things never changeBut then, some things never change…such as the enduring popularity of the PURE Works Package. We have had this package on our menu since we started all those years ago, and it is still just as popular (perhaps because it makes such a great gift for under £100?).

So without further ado, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Thank you so much for visiting and supporting us in 2013. We hope we have added some spa-rkle to your busy life and very much look forward to welcoming you in 2014!

With best wishes,
Becky x

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