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“I must have been an Egyptian Princess”


This week, PURE Spa Silverburn had the pleasure of welcoming Vicky Pitchers — owner of boutique PR agency, VJP Media. Having worked in broadcasting and events for more than a decade, she knows two things: how to give an honest massage review and how to compare it to everything else she’s come across!

“I must have been an Egyptian Princess”
by Vicky Pitchers

I must have been an Egyptian princess in a former life because I love having a massage. Most people could say that however I spend more on massage and reflexology in a month than I do on clothes! I also lucked out big time with my fiancé, who just happens to love giving a massage, so you can imagine my excitement when asked to try out PURE Spa & Beauty within Silverburn Shopping Centre. To make the most my afternoon I went to the gym beforehand so my body was more than ready for some pampering and relaxation.

sidebarThere is truth in the old adage “first impressions last”, 2 days later and I am still daydreaming about it! After a warm welcome I was taken to the changing area to swap my clothes for a fluffy towelling robe and slippers before heading into the relaxation area. The spa is deceptively large, however the décor, lighting and music give it an intimate luxurious feel.

My therapist, Siobhan, explained my treatments whilst washing and exfoliating my feet. At 5’ 11’ I find most massage tables too short or too narrow, but not today! The bed was huge, heated and very comfortable. I started with a neck, back and shoulder massage so was asked to lay face down. 10 out of 10 for attention to detail, this was the first time I have seen a bowl of scented petals in water underneath the face cradle of the bed. Whilst Siobhan worked her magic on my back, the petals worked their magic on my nose!

Second, first for me came when Siobhan used warm oil for my massage. I tend to pay for the pain end of the pleasure spectrum when it comes to a massage (usually the sports variety to pummel my aching muscles), so expected the treatment to work on my mind rather than my body. Siobhan’s forearms managed to find the knots with surprising precision and after applying Instant Refreshing Gel to heat the muscles, I turned over for my facial.

I have sensitive skin so usually steer clear of facials lest I leave then salon looking like a baboon. Thankfully the Elemis products felt and smelt delicious which put me at ease. I had the Modern Skin Booster Facial which included cleanse, massage, exfoliation, mask and….well to be honest I can’t remember. I was so relaxed.

I liked the fact that Siobhan explained what she was going to use before the treatments began; it meant I could really switch off and didn’t feel like I was being interrupted or sold to when she applied each new product – an unfortunate habit in many salons. My third first came at the end of the facial, which was signalled by a single note from the Tingsha Tibetan meditation chimes. As a yoga teacher, I LOVED this.

My skin usually feels clogged and laden with product after a facial; it didn’t with the Elemis products. 2 days later there is no breakout and it still feels peachy. As for my neck and shoulder they have dropped an inch. I loved every minute of my afternoon at PURE, it is an oasis in Silverburn Shopping Centre. If I was an Egyptian princess in a former life, my afternoon at PURE was most definitely a trip back in time.

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