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A much-needed detox by Laura Carroll

This week, we’re delighted to welcome the return of Laura Carroll — owner of Prezent representation and current president of the Edinburgh Businesswomen’s Club. No stranger to a bit of pampering, she has already discussed the idea of “good pain” and has returned to us for a much-needed detox: a Swedish Massage, Elemis Spa Facial and Foot nourishing treatment.

Everywhere you turn we’re being told by magazines, television and the internet that we need to take more time for ourselves and give ourselves the rest and relaxation we deserve. And in my opinion, rightly so. Pampering is underrated.

After a particularly busy spell I decided to treat myself to a swedish massage, Elemis spa facial and a foot nourishing treatment. I was glad to be through the busy spell and through I deserved a treat, plus a detox of any sorts was going to be good news (to be fair it should have been a detox from drinking but one step at a time, eh?)

detox circlesI booked myself in at PURE Lothian Road. It was the first time I’d been to there, as their Ocean Terminal location is my local, but I thought I’d try something different this time round. Being a hop, skip and a jump away from Prince Street, it really is the ultra definition of urban spa. So much so, that I hold PURE Spa responsible for the shopping that ensued on Princes Street in my blissed-out, post treatment high.

But I digress. After being shown into the softly lit warm room I got undressed and hopped on the heated couch. Being enveloped in the soft and warm I immediately began to feel like a very relaxed baby caterpillar in a cocoon. Where can I get me one of them?

Holli, my utterly lovely and professional therapist started the treatment with a foot ritual which involves placing hot stones on the soles of the feet and finished with a cool foot gel. Cue gentle sighs of bliss. FYI, this is a standard with all spa treatments.

Afterwards, Holli moved on to my full body massage, managing to get the pressure just right. One of my biggest bugbears is a massage which isn’t a massage at all, more like a stranger rubbing some lotion on you. Weird, and I reckon I could get someone to do that for a lot less money. But Holli was great, communicating with me to check that the pressure was optimum Goldilocks level… not too hard, not too soft, just right. It was so good I was starting to emit little squeaks and groans as Holli gently but effectively eradicated all of the knots in my shoulders, neck and calves.

An Elemis facial rounded off my delightful detox. At this point I was pretty sure I had no bones in my body so rolling over onto my back proved to be a bit challenging.

I have to admit something a bit embarrassing now. I can’t actually tell you what Holli did to my face during the facial… as I was out for the count! I fell asleep almost as soon as the delicious-smelling products were massaged onto my face. The next thing I remember is hearing a gigantic snore that startled me awake. Obviously, the only place it could have came from was me!

For sake of my dignity, Holli remained the consummate professional, not laughing or drawing attention to it whatsoever. That must have taken superhuman effort. I know I was unable to suppress a giggle!

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