7 Signs You Really Need a Pamper Day

Do you remember waking up and feeling amazing? Or the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, “hey, I look awesome today”? Remember that? No? Okay, we need to point out why you need a pamper day.

1. When you wake up in the morning, you make far too many noises and take far too long checking Facebook in bed because… well, because you will have to go to work, and things will go wrong, and eventually you’ll crawl back into bed feeling even worse. Eww to that.

2. The power feature on your shower is the best massage you’ve had in a while. That nail polish you received five birthdays ago is your new ‘go-to’, even though it was originally a ‘go-away’. The closest to a golden tan is when you’ve had too many Doritos and your fingers are orange. You know what’s up.

3. “Wow, it’s like 23 degrees today”, followed by, “wow my legs feel like a cactus. I wish I could wear those really short shorts”. And manly men? We’ve literally got your back. Know what I mean, son? Book a waxing appointment ASAP, ladies and gents. No pain no gain.

4. Leaving work on your lunch break feels like a tropical vacation… that time to yourself, chilling, relaxing, being antagonised by a pigeon en route… #bliss. In short: you need a spa escape. Sometimes it’s good to be a little ‘me, me, me’. 

5. You look at your nails and remember that time you dug through the garden for hours on end. Oh wait, that didn’t happen.How did my nails even get like that?” Sometimes, it’s better not to know…

6. “Oh my god, even breathing hurts my muscles”. Whether you go to the gym or are as unfit as the vast majority of us (we try, we really do!), there are days where you just want to sleep it off… forgetting that even just a 25min. massage can do wonders for our health!

7. One word: holiday!  I presume we’re all fleeing the island for sunny beaches and poolside lounging, right? Well, even if you’re staying in Scotland, you have to be prepared… even if it’s one of the few places you need a parasol for shade and shelter.

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