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PURE Speaker Sessions – Corporate Solutions & Networking

Wanting to discuss real business issues? Join us at one of our PURE Speaker Sessions — our regular corporate events designed to help you get the most out of your teams, network with fellow businesses and much more!

Using our award-winning spa locations across Scotland as venues, we will be be hosting these sessions on a monthly basis in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen with varying topics.

Each month, we’ll have fantastic speakers booked in from respected companies who will share their wisdom with you, offering their insights to hopefully assist with any business issues you may have or simply give you the opportunity to network with like-minded people and build valuable contacts.

So why come to a corporate event at a spa?

We already offer our corporate clients a multitude of benefits and we believe that opening our doors for corporate events provides an alternative to the normal boardroom in an office, hotel or bar.

When you work in an office all day the last thing you want to do is attend an event in similar surroundings. PURE offers a relaxed atmosphere where you know you are no longer in the office, you’ve escaped your desk and feel relaxed and still benefiting your business needs at the same time.

Everyone loves a quirky venue, something different but simultaneously not losing the content of the event’s purpose.

June 2015: Recruitment & Retention

The first of these sessions will be held in June 2015 and will focus on recruitment and retention; finding and keeping talented people for businesses looking for ambitious growth.

Recruitment and turnover is an issue in many industries and varies widely. No matter how common, it all has the same impact on companies: losing staff costs money and has an impact on morale.

So how does the modern workplace tackle this? Is it a case of having a more thorough interview process to make sure the candidate is the right fit? Is it offering a flexible approach to positions, like 43% of the workforce? Or perhaps looking towards development to ensure ongoing job satisfaction?

With guest speakers from esteemed recruitment agencies such as Thorpe Molloy and Capability Jane, we’re sure these PURE Speaker Sessions will provide a multitude of answers.

How to book your space

eTickets are available online and are added to your basket and purchased as a normal voucher. We will then send you a printable e-ticket directly to your inbox in PDF format. Please print this out and present it at the time of the event.

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