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Product Spotlight: Leighton Denny Slick Tips

“I love SLICK TIPS. It’s nail magic. Dry, rough looking cuticles immediately look moisturised and healthier while dull, dry looking nails become instantly more attractive”Leighton Denny

What is the benefit of using the product?

If you’re looking for an instant nail reviver that also brings out the best in your manicure, this double-action nail treatment is a must-have!

Leighton Denny Slick Tips is rich in vitamin A and E which helps to moisturise dried or sore cuticles whilst adding lustre to the nails themselves. With the cold weather in the UK, this adds a much-needed, hydrating barrier to ensure your nails and the surrounding nail-bed are deeply hydrated.

Its second function is fantastic for those of you who get impatient waiting for polish to dry (so, all of us?). As a bonus, Slick Tips  can be painted over touch-dry polish to help accelerate drying time.

With the essential oils (Lemon Grass, Litsea Cubeba and Peppermint), this miracle potion smells great too!

How do I use it?

Available as a brush-applicator or as a pen, Slick Tips can be applied any time and does not need precision. Apply a generous amount and massage over and around the nail cuticle with your preferred application method.

What other products should I use it with?

Slick Tips works alongside many other Leighton Denny nail accessories. Our recommendation for a quick, at-home manicure is to pair it with a Trio buffer. Apply over each nail before and after buffing!

Available in-store and online!

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