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Summer-ready feet at home

At PURE Spa & Beauty, we talk a lot about skincare. Now, we’re all guilty of thinking primarily about what creams and cleansers we use on our face — maybe even what scrub we might use on our bodies (Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow, right?)

But what’s often missed is the health and appearance of our feet. Peep-toe and sandal weather is wasted if you’re not keeping your skin and nails beautifully nourished. We put our feet  through so much in our lives that calluses build over time.

What is the secret to great feet?

There isn’t one! It’s all very simple really. Follow these therapist-recommended steps to achieve beautiful toesies in no time:

1) Before treating your feet, always remove all nail polish (normal, gel or otherwise!). It is often forgotten that the nail itself is a type of skin, and needs to be healthy in order to remain smooth and strong.

2) Soak your feet in warm water, taking away any aches whilst softening the skin. Leave in for approximately five minutes and gently towel dry afterwards. And if you have one of those foot spa massages, all the better!

3)  Whilst the skin is still soft and supple, follow up by exfoliating with our recommended buffer – Leighton Denny’s Smooth Your Sole Foot File (£5.50). From heel to ball, this perfectly sized file is best used in circular motions.

4)  Afterwards, apply an enriching moisturiser. We always suggest using Well Heeled Foot Masque (£12). Massage into the skin and nail-beds to deeply hydrate and condition the skin. Here’s the bit that’s often forgotten: leave it in overnight. The longer you leave this masque on your skin, the better the results.

5) The following day, ‘smooth your sole’ again (ideally in the morning if you have time!) so that you remove any excess dry/dead skin from your feet. Continue to repeat this process every few days for the quickest results, remembering to keep your feet moisturised.


The result…

These simple and enjoyable steps will give you hydrated, healthy feet that are perfect for showing off by the pool or in a pair of open-toe shoes.

All that’s left to do is book in with your favourite therapist for a pedicure! And remember, our therapists are always there to offer you specific advice for your feet.

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