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Product Spotlight: Tan Accelerator

‘Heat wave? What heat wave?’ Summer time in the UK lasts about as long as the weather forecast itself, which is why we know so many of you love using a tan accelerator.

Whether you’re making the most of a sunny day or preparing for a long holiday, applying a tan accelerator is the easiest way to get a deep, bronze and (semi) natural glow. We recommend…

Elemis Sunwise Tan Accelerator – SPF4

Many people think that tan accelerators act similar to fake tan, adding a fake hint of orange whilst moisturising the skin. Perhaps some work like this, but not our products!

Elemis Sunwise Tan Accelerator is smarter than your average cream, preparing the body for sunshine by stimulating the natural melanin production (the pigment that gives skin colour).

Containing a blend of moisturising Shea Butter, Tahitian flora and essential oils, this lotion leaves the skin soft, supple and in optimum condition for tanning, even for sensitive skin!

How do I use it?

Elemis recommend using this lotion on the face and body every day for 1-2 weeks before being exposed to the sun. From our clients, we have also heard that they have seen results from as little as 5 days beforehand.

You can continue using this product whilst in the sun, but it does not offer full sun protection and you will need to add a high-factor SPF lotion afterwards.



Sun-Believable ACCELERATE ME

If you’re a die-hard Leighton Denny fan or love joining us for a spray tan, then Sun-Believable ACCELERATE ME might  be the tan accelerator for you!

Priding itself in bringing out a deep, natural-looking tan, the active ingredients in this product also stimulate the skin’s natural melanin production.

Produced specifically for those with fair skin that are prone to burning, this product locks in moisture. Whilst it does not include any SPF, ACCELERATE ME is enriched with Aloe Vera making it an ideal moisturising supplement!

How do I use it?

Leighton Denny himself swears by the product, recommending that it is applied twice a day for 10 days prior to tanning. You can also use it whilst tanning, though a high-factor sunscreen is once again recommended.

Available in-store and online!


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