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Product Spotlight: ABC Tea Tree Body Lotion

Whether you naturally suffer from dry skin or are prone to it after waxing, our recommended product is Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Body Lotion. A handy lotion whose scents and texture are a pleasure to apply, this ABC body lotion is a must for any household.

ABC Tea Tree Oil Body Lotion (100ml)

So, why do we love this moisturiser so much? It’s easy. Not only does this infuse your body with all the hydrating properties of tea tree oil, it is also the ideal after-wax treatment for preventing redness and painful ingrown hairs. It’s great as an after-sun too!

The tea tree oil within the product is renowned for being naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-viral. Consider it your shield against any flare ups your skin might be prone to.

As a brand, Australian Bodycare uses tea tree oil from the ‘melaleuca alternifolia‘ tree in Australia (pay attention, this is still important). Out of the 110 varieties of tea tree oil, this is proven to contain the most active properties for giving you healthy skin.

How do I use it?

ABC Tea Tree Body Lotion is best used after a shower or bath. Ensure your body is fully dry before applying the lotion, then work into your skin using the palms of your hands.

We recommend using circular, sweeping motions as you massage it into your skin. Your skin will feel deeply nourished, smooth and cool. And most of all, free of any ingrown hairs and redness. Perfect!

Available in-store and online for £8.50!

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