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How to relax after a stressful week

At PURE Spa & Beauty, we consider stress ‘the enemy’. Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that stress is part of life. We don’t believe that you can ever be completely free of it.

The key to living a happy life is all about stress management, which is why we wanted to share some easy tips on how to unwind, even outside of the spa! Consider this your evening agenda…

1. Accept what you have control over

Ah, the dreaded ‘stress spiral’. It starts when you’re finally alone after the daily grind. Part daydream, part paranoia, your mind dances through a plethora of “should have, would have, could have”. You fantasise about the future, whilst dreading it all the same.

The key part of battling this anxiety is realising that you only have control over your reactions to life. Accept that what’s done is done, and that what others do is outside of your control. You do not have a time machine nor a crystal ball. Be mindful of ‘the present’ and its limitations.

2. Create a relaxing living space 

By nature, humans react to their environment. Whilst chores are one of the last things you want after a long day, they’re good for two reasons: 1) It focuses your mind elsewhere, and 2) it creates a less cluttered environment.

Next, add some ambience. Relaxation is a full sensory experience. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact a little mood lighting, scented candles and appropriate music can have. If you’re stuck for inspiration, even Spotify has many playlists. There’s probably a reason why “Chill” is its #1 category…

3. Humans before technology

You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it… And yet, we all sit tinkering away on our phones or laptops – sometimes almost as soon as we come home. To truly relax, it’s often a good idea to cut off the multitude of communications the internet offers (except maybe this blog, of course).

Spend time with friends. Catch up with family. Always kiss your partner hello and goodbye. Time is the most valuable currency you have, and spending your ‘out of office’ hours wisely is the key to both happiness and relaxation.


4. Happy hormones

Whilst stress is the enemy, happy hormones are our allies. Natural hormone release of chemicals such as endorphins and oxytocin are a great way to feel physically and mentally glowing. At home, these chemicals are released from as little as cuddling, chocolate or spicy foods. And laughter, so keep having fun!

The best way to release these hormones is through a massage. With increased blood circulation and endorphins whizzing around your body, it’s the quick-fix for any stressful day. Whether it’s a 30min. back/neck/shoulder massage or a full spa massage, some therapist magic can really get that chip off your shoulder. Literally.

5. Get a life hobby

Hobbies are like gold dust nowadays, with people finding it more and more difficult to find time to do something simply because they L-O-V-E love it. But on particularly stressful days, hobbies are exactly what you should spend time on.

Not only are you focusing your mind elsewhere, you’re doing something you love. Curl up with a good book, play a game, go to the gym… maybe crack out that wine. “I’m a wine enthusiast” is a perfect excuse. Right?

6. The three Bs – bath, bed, breathing

Nothing ends a night of unwinding like a hot bath and indulging in a little ‘Elemis time’. Add one of their fragrant, skin-nourishing body oils to the bath (check out our body oil article here) and soak it up. There’s also something very therapeutic about exfoliating your body with Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow, as though you’re buffing your worries away alongside your skin.

Afterwards, put on those comfy PJs and head to bed. The extra sleep on a stressful day will do you good. Practice deep breathing techniques. Inhale for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale. Repeat this, focusing only on your breathing and your body. The increase in oxygen will aid relaxation and help you drift off, re-energised for the next day.

Do you have any at-home relaxation tips?


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