Waxing F.A.Q.

Waxing FAQ BlogWhat is hot wax?

Hot wax is applied in a thick layer and left to set. It is gentler because the heat allows the hair follicle to open up before the wax is peeled off. Hot wax removes more stubborn hair and provides a superior finish.

How do I get the most out of my waxing treatment?

Keep the area moisturised, this will enable the hair to break through the skin easily. Exfoliate one to two weeks after being waxed when you feel the hair growing back. Do not exfoliate everyday, just once or twice a week at most. Regularly wash your exfoliating gloves/mit in your washing machine.

How much hair growth do I need before waxing?

We say half centimetre or longer is perfect. If you have a feeling that your hair is too long, don’t worry we will trim it for you.

I’ve been shaving/using hair removal cream

Let the hair grow to a minimum of half a centimetre long. The longer you can leave it the better. It can take more than one wax to get a smooth result, this is because some previously shaved hair will be in a resting phase and be too short to wax. It will look smooth, but may feel a little stubbly until all the hair has grown out and been waxed.

Do I keep my underwear on?

We do supply disposable pants or you can wear your own underwear, although there may be a risk of wax or creams getting on the fabric.

In what position will I be in during the intimate waxing?

It is all done while you are lying down.

Can I get waxed during my period?

Yes, but please only wear a tampon, we also ask you to use the wipes provided. Please bear in mind that waxing can be slightly more painful when you are premenstrual or menstruating.

How long will my wax last?

Everyone is different. You should get two good hair free weeks, then your hair will start to grow back. This is then the best time to gently exfoliate to help the hair break through the skin. Most people return to the salons every four or five weeks.

Can I have waxing done after work?

Yes! PURE Spa & Beauty salons are open late. Check out our salons for individual opening times.


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