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Beauty Treatment Review: PURE Manicure for Men

I booked in for a Male manicure as I haven’t ever had this kind of treatment and Male manicurewanted to find out what all the fuss is about with male beauty treatments. I had to start somewhere and thought a manicure would be the best first treatment for me.

For as long as I can remember, male beauty treatments haven’t been as popular as women’s. Men don’t seem to talk about it between themselves and they don’t get as excited about any beauty or spa treatment as far as I know.

But then who are the guys who go for and get these ‘beauty’ treatments such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages? Well, these guys are the ones who know that taking caring of yourself is a smart choice. These treatments give you the time to relax, de-stress, switch off from work and feel uplifted.

So, why do men need a manicure? You would thinkjust take extra 5 minutes at home to cut your nails and you’re good to go so why would I spend any money on it?Well, do you like good looking and beautiful women? I would say: definitely, yes. But then you need to remember that women also like nice looking guys. And if you want to be one to whom women look at, you must go back to the start and take care of yourself.

Proper nail and hand care is essential in order to achieve a polished look. Whether people say it or not, they do notice your hands. So it’s important to make sure your hands are always presentable.

I had my treatment at the PURE Spa & Beauty on Lothian Road, Edinburgh. It is located in the city centre so is very convenient and is also easy to find, with early morning and late night appointments available, they are open to suit everybody.

As I walked in I met with the receptionist who showed me a place by the nail bar. I sat down and it was just a few seconds till I met with my therapist, Laura and then my treatment began.

A male manicure starts with nail shaping. As soon as one hand was finished Laura applied Leighton Denny’s Remove & Rectify Cuticle Remover over my nails and put that hand into a bowl unknown liquid which turned out to be Leighton Denny’s Tropical Treat :D. This was then repeated on my other hand.

Laura then took my first hand and started to tidy my cuticles which was then done to my other hand too.

After that, Laura applied manicure oil to my nails. Then the buffing began. Once she was finished, my nails were shiny and glowing.

And as a final touch to my perfectly manicured hands, Laura applied Leighton Denny’s Best Defence Hand & Nail Cream along with a quick hand massage.

You can have a quick look at time lapse video from my treatment below.

PURE Manicure for men only costs £19 and takes around 20 minutes which is both budget and time friendly!

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