4 Benefits of Massage for Men


The Top Benefits of Massage for Men

Massages are a popular treatment for a variety of reasons; including leisure, health and performance improvement.

This week I decided to visit massage specialist Christelle at PURE Spa‘s sleek, modern and central Edinburgh Lothian Road location, in order to find out the top benefits of massage treatments for men. 


One of the biggest barriers to achieving top sports and fitness results is pain and injury. Christelle is trained in muscular manipulation and deep tissue massage; treatments which can greatly relieve pain and improve injuries. She explains that a Pure Spa deep tissue massage can greatly relieve tension in the muscles, and help with sports performance. She also says that massage is particularly good for intense sports such as marathon running; as participants are susceptible to injuries and muscle tears.


PURE Spas are all in central and accessible locations, and are open from early til late – meaning that it’s easy to fit in a massage around a busy work schedule. Massages also have a number of at-work benefits. It’s common to be injured at work, even in desk jobs; as workers are at risk of repetitive strain injury. As a professional remedial massage therapist, Christelle can not only improve injuries with treatment at the Spa, she can also advise on incorrect posture, and how to set up a work space to prevent further injury.

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It’s not only deep tissue massages which are beneficial for men. Christelle highlights the variety of hot stone treatments on offer at PURE, as a way to combat issues such as bad circulation. Hot stone treatments can greatly relieve the symptoms of poor blood flow; a relief for anyone who is familiar with the problem of cold, tingly and even numb hands and feet.


Stress is a serious problem for men, and can lead to mental health issues and even poor cardiovascular health. Massages are great for keeping stress under control; a relaxing massage can release stress and tension in the body, and in Christelle’s experience client’s overall moods are greatly improved with a good massage. It can help clients relax and reduce their overall stress levels.

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PURE Spa offer a great variety of treatments which are especially beneficial for men. Christelle thinks the most important part of a treatment is having a professional consultation with an expert massage therapist, so that your therapist can tailor your treatment to your needs.

PURE Spa and Beauty have a number of convenient ways to discuss and book treatments with our skilled therapists; On our website, through live chat, email, phone, app, social media – and of course, it’s easy to pop into one of our central Day Spa locations; so why not get in touch today, and find out how a tailored massage treatment can improve your health and performance?

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