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Pure Spa and Beauty Turns 18!

This week PURE Spa and Beauty hits a major milestone as we are finally turning 18 years old🎈🎊 We have come such a long way since we welcomed our first customer into our original salon on Lothian Road in 2002 and since then we have grown a whole lot, not just as a business but as a strong and trustworthy brand.

When Becky Woodhouse, a chartered accountant, founded PURE, she dreamed of creating a luxurious and accessible salon that caters to the needs of urban professionals with busy lifestyles. And, while PURE is just that, it’s also so much more. A company that started as just one salon in the heart of Edinburgh, is now a UK wide community with a host of regular and committed clients that is growing every year and dedicated staff who really go above and beyond every single day. Our incredible success starts and ends with all of our staff as well as every single person who has popped in for a treatment, bought a gift card or any of our products and we are so grateful to have such wonderful regular clients as part of our PURE family.

Now, 18 years and a lot of hard work later we are have reached so many amazing landmarks:

  • We are about to open our 14th Spa and Beauty salon in the gorgeous coastal area of St Annes. We are so proud to have many accessible salons scattered across the UK.
  • The launch of PURE Skincare, our very own natural skincare range, designed and formulated with sensitive skin in mind by PURE Spa and Beauty founder Becky Woodhouse.
  • Our flagship PURE Beauty Zone Store opened in 2019 which stocks all of our trusted retail brands that can also be bought online.
  • 7 awards and counting, including Scottish Spa of The Year, Employer of The Year and Most Inspiring Salon amongst others.
  • We have, as a company, survived a world-wide pandemic together and with incredible conviction from our whole team and some great leadership we have managed to come out of the other side as a thriving company once again.

All of these and so much more are what has made the PURE family what we are today. While it hasn’t always been easy, it has been rewarding every step of the way and we cannot wait to see what the next 18 years brings.

Happy 18th Birthday PURE, lets raise a glass💜🥂

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