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Give Employees the Treat They Deserve With Club Pure!

Looking for ways to improve employee motivation?

Lockdown has really changed the way we work as both employees and as business owners. With most employees now working from home, it can be hard to stay motivated without the normal office morale.

At PURE Spa & Beauty we recognise the link between personal well-being and professional success, that’s why we Introduced Club Pure, the perfect way to ensure that your employees know their value and keep up enthusiasm out-with the confines of the office.

This incredible, corporate scheme is completely free to join and is the ultimate treat for your employees. Not only will each employee receive 25% off their first visit to us at any of our handy 14 locations spread around the UK, but they will also receive 10% off any consecutive visit afterwards and 10% off all products in our fabulous retail collection both in store and online.

The rewards don’t just stop there. Our Club Pure members are always first to hear about exclusive offers and VIP events including incredible corporate discounts to help you bulk-buy gift vouchers, perfect for incentives or if you just feel like treating your staff.

After you complete your FREE sign up, we will send out a welcome pack containing all of the information you need to inform your staff of this incredible scheme and we will also throw a few gift cards and product samples in there as well!

Let’s start with some facts:

  • Did you know that 66% of all absences relate to minor illnesses and aches with the main cause being back pain?
  • Nearly one in ten have resigned from a job due to stress and 25% have considered resigning due to work pressure.
  • 56% of managers say they would like to improve their staff’s mental wellbeing but need more guidance on how.
  • One in 5 employees have taken sick days solely because of stress & its symptoms.

Now some facts about massage. Did you know that the 3 main benefits of regular massage are:

  • To reduce muscle tension
  • To improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • To reduce to production of the stress hormone

There really is no better way to say thank you to your hard-working staff than by giving them some well-deserved time to themselves. Having a stress-free workforce can benefit your company too. It’s proven that a happy and healthy work environment can positively impact company morale, heighten productivity and, even, reduce absence.

Our therapists can tailor massage therapies to suit the needs of clients depending on what type of pain they have and where they have it so we have no doubt employers will notice a vast difference in the comfort levels of their staff.

Here’s all you need to know about Club Pure:

  • It’s Free to join

Club PURE for Business is free for companies to join, and your staff can benefit from exclusive benefits.

  • Built for business

Apply today for a PURE Spa & Beauty Corporate account to get access to a variety of great benefits.

  • Rewarding those that matter

Reward your staff with regular treatments or gift vouchers from PURE Spa & Beauty.

So why not give it a try today? Give us a call on 0343 507 1888 to kickstart your Club Pure Journey and give your dedicated work-force the treat they deserve!

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At Heka, we are committed to supporting our corporates physical and mental wellbeing by connecting employees to local wellness experiences and treatments just as you are offering here. Our employees are able to purchase these using their monthly wellbeing allowance.

It would be great to discuss how we can connect our employees to your spas and treatments.

Hello Ryan,

Thanks so much for your interest in Club PURE, it sounds as though this scheme would be a perfect match for Heka employees! Drop me an email on and we can absolutely discuss this further.

Kind Regards,


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