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Treat Out To Help Out- A Beauty Revolution

A revolution is taking place in the salon industry. For the month of September salon owners, managers and therapists from across the UK are coming together to offer customers the chance to ease into their post-lock-down beauty regimes. With minimal government support, the salon industry has really had to rely on its own initiative and drive to get customers back through our doors after the tough lock-down months. Luckily, our industry is loaded with strong and powerful minds who cannot be disparaged. When we announced our Treat Out To Help Out scheme at the end of August, offering customers a £10 deduction on services over £50 throughout the month of September, the response from the rest of the beauty industry was so overwhelming that we made the decision to open this out to the wider community by sharing graphics, logos, window stickers and more to any salons who wished to join in on offering customers this wonderful discount.

We know that lockdown has been tight on our purse-strings and many of us have found ourselves in the difficult position of having to sacrifice some luxuries. With the world slowly beginning to turn again and phased re-openings of our favourite bars, stores, restaurants and of course, salons, we want to make sure that our beloved customers didn’t have to miss out on the routine visit that we know they look forward to month after month. Whether it’s for that monthly stress-relieving massage or for that rejuvenating facial to inject a glow back into the skin, we know that a visit to the spa means more to our clients than just their appearance- it’s a little moment of ‘me time’ that is deeply treasured.

We are sure that by now everyone is all too familiar with the UK Government’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Scheme, offering the hospitality industry the opportunity to discount their meals up to a certain value by 50% with government subsidies. The initiative was widely successful in bringing the British public back into their favourite food spots and, for the first time in a long time, our bars and restaurants were filled with happy, smiling faces once again. Figures show that Eat Out To Help Out brought in business to pubs and restaurants around 64 million times, in fact, it was hailed as indispensable in getting the industry back up on its feet and protecting the 1.8 million jobs within the hospitality sector.

What about the 250,000* jobs and counting that the beauty industry provides the UK? We believe that giving customers some support to get back through salon doors is equally as important as any other industry. That is why we have decided to introduce the Treat Out to Help Out Scheme to give our customers a helping hand back to their regular spa and beauty routine. A range of graphics, including logos and stickers, can be found on our linkedin and here. We are very happy to share these with any other salons who wish to join the initiative with us.

Here’s everything you need to know about the scheme:

  • Treat Out To Help Out offers customers the opportunity to save £10 on any treatment over £50. This can be any of the spa or beauty services we offer in our salons, so long as they are over £50 and is not available to use on multiple treatments.
  • The scheme is available for all appointments on a Monday-Wednesday throughout the month of September.
  • It is available to use in conjunction with any of our other current offers, for example, our current Buy One Get One Half Price offer, this ensures that our customers can really maximise their savings and get real value on their spend.
  • This scheme is not government backed and is completely independently run by us and any other salons that wish to join in. This does mean that we will not receive any pay-outs from the government to subsidise any loss in revenue, however we feel that the importance of allowing our clients a fair chance to return is of utmost importance given the current climate.

The Beauty industry has taken a significant knock over the last few months and although we have seen limited support from the UK Government in comparison to the support given to the food and drinks industry, our industry is formidable and will be back and thriving in no time. The power we have as a collective is stronger than we could have ever imagined and we could not be more humbled and proud of the hundreds of salons and counting UK wide who have took part in #TreatOutToHelpOut as well as the incredible amount of press coverage the scheme has received from the likes of The Sunday Times, The Herald, Spa Business, The Edinburgh Reporter and Professional Beauty.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that facial and get your beauty regime back on track!

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