Thriving and Surviving Whilst Working from Home

For the majority of office workers around the nation, day-to-day routines have significantly changed as of late. Daily, rush hour commutes have been exchanged for a walk through the hall to whichever room the makeshift home office has been set up in and tight work clothes have magically transformed into snug hoodies (of course we […]

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January Detox: PURE’s Guide to Detoxing

It’s a common theme in January, everyone trying to detox to get rid of the horrible post Christmas feelings. So this month we have asked PURE Fans, PURE Staff and friends of PURE to share their top detoxing tips, because we all know we need a little encouragement and advice to achieve our goals. Here […]

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Fashion Fridays: Holiday Bikinis

1. River Island 2. Tesco 3. Topshop 4. Tesco 5. Tesco We’ve already got your holiday beauty essentials sorted with our Holiday Pick & Mix offer but there’s still the dreaded bikini shopping left to do! We all love holidays and yet sometimes it seems we hate the yearly bikini shop just as much. There […]