We Need To Talk About Himalayan Salt

Ever heard of a wonder mineral? These rare and indispensable beauties are naturally formed by Mother Earth herself to bring us a cornucopia of health benefits for both our insides and outsides! Here at PURE, we love to celebrate all things natural, sustainable and valuable to our bodies. Let’s talk about Himalayan Salt– we can’t […]

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First time tanning

In our second “Spa & Beauty Virgin” article, we’re tackling winter/spring pale and pastiness with a complete run-down on our exclusive Sunbelievable sunless tanning services (by Leighton Denny). If you’ve never bronzed before, there are a few things you should bear in mind… that way, you won’t leave orange hand prints everywhere you go. What […]

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PURE: A Christmas Story

Words by Becky Woodhouse (PURE Founder and Managing Director) Christmas is always a time for reflection, for giving thanks, and for taking a pause after the mad rush of the year.  I have always loved Christmas, and even now, although we seem to be planning for the next Christmas almost before the last one finishes, […]

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Leighton Denny Master Class

The 5th of December 2013 will forever be memorable in the history of PURE. With gale-force winds and public transport cancellations, it was an uphill struggle to get anywhere that day — least of all halfway across the UK to conduct a Leighton Denny master class! Yes, despite three delays, Mr. Denny battled the weather and made […]

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Festive Offers

Say goodbye to 2013 in style with our perfectly PURE festive offers this November and December. Whether you want to look the part for an evening of fun or survive the morning afterwards, our spa and beauty packages have exactly the right treatments to get you through these high-heel, low-energy weeks. Party Prep Beauty Package […]