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Waxing- What To Expect

Booking a body wax for the first time can be daunting- In fact, even those who are well practised in the world of wax often feel apprehension towards that routine salon trip. From feeling self-conscious to dealing with those nagging questions- Will It hurt? How long will it hurt for? Have I let my hair […]

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Maskne: What Is It And How Can I Treat It?

About the author: Scott McDougall (MPharm) is the co-founder and registered manager of The Independent Pharmacy, an online pharmacy and healthcare resource based in the UK. As co-founder of a leading online pharmacy, Scott has a particular interest in the safe and responsible implementation of online healthcare services. Wearing face masks has become a part […]

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Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Each and every one of us has a different skin type, some people’s might remain the same for their whole life and others can find it to be ever changing. Skin type is usually determined by genetics, however there are a whole range of factors that can cause it to change over time- such as […]

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Your New Skin Care Solution by Elemis

Five skincare sets to specifically target common skincare concerns and get your skin back to its healthy-looking self. Whether your skin is dull, dry, pigmented, uneven, or lacking radiance, we have a solution for you.   Discover Your New Skin Solution from ELEMIS on Vimeo. Your New Skin Solution from ELEMIS on Vimeo. Your New […]

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PURE Skin Care review on

Here is our PURE Skin Care product review on Have a look what a Scottish fashion and lifestyle blogger Amanda Davies have to say about PURE Skin Care products. Cruelty free spotlight – Pure Spa