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How to relax after a stressful week

At PURE Spa & Beauty, we consider stress ‘the enemy’. Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that stress is part of life. We don’t believe that you can ever be completely free of it. The key to living a happy life is all about stress management, which is why we wanted to share some […]


Professional Mums: Balancing Career & Family

by Victoria Mortimer, Corporate Partnerships Executive for Club PURE for business. I thought I’d start this discussion close to home. Well, work to be exact. I have asked our gorgeous, hard-working PURE team some probing questions about how they fit everything in life into their daily lives. Maybe you can relate, or perhaps have some […]

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Spa Open Day – November 6th

The image of the ‘spa’ has changed significantly over the past few years – once portrayed as a place for simple pampering, the spa has now become a sanctuary for the mind to heal. According to the International Spa Association, 72% of spa goers in the past year said that their levels of stress directly […]